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Cogmed Working Memory Training

Working memory is the ability to hold information in mind and manipulate it. Working memory supports the abilities to sustain attention, concentrate, and stay on task. A healthy working memory is important for remembering and following multi-step directions, staying on task, language development, learning, reading comprehension, written language, and math.

The Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computerized intervention designed to improve the various aspects of working memory through a challenging and systematic training program. The training is done on a computer at your preferred quiet location, most often at home. Each training session consists of various computerized exercises that target the different aspects of working memory, with the computer self-adjusting to the individual’s ability level. The Cogmed training can be done with preschoolers through senior adults.

Research has demonstrated that 80% of individuals who complete the Cogmed Working Memory Training program display significant improvements in their abilities to concentrate and engage in complex problem solving. Indirect positive effects on other cognitive skills may also be seen by improving working memory, even though these other skills are not directly taught. The working memory of individuals who complete the 5-week training may continue to improve for up to 6 months post-training.

The complete Cogmed program includes:

  • An initial interview by phone to screen potential users of the program
  • A start-up session in Dr. Ahluvalia’s office to plan and structure the training.
  • Five weeks of training: 30 – 45 minute computerized training sessions in the home, for 5 days per week
  • Access to the Cogmed Training Web is available online, both for Dr. Ahluvalia and the client, to review the results of the training sessions
  • Weekly 15 minute coaching calls with Dr. Ahluvalia during the 5 weeks of training, to discuss progress.
  • Wrap-up session 4 weeks after completion of training, in Dr. Ahluvalia’s office, to discuss the training effects and review progress made
  • 6-month telephone follow-up with Dr. Ahluvalia to review training effects again after more time has elapsed, and the full effects of training have emerged
  • Extension Training will be offered at the end of training to clients who would like to continue doing the working memory exercises, at no additional cost. Extension training consists of 100, non-coached, fifteen-minute sessions that are available for a year after the wrap-up session.

Additional information about the Cogmed Working Memory Training Program is available at: www.cogmed.com

To discuss whether or not you and/or your child may benefit from Cogmed, please contact Dr. Ahluvalia to schedule a free, 15-minute screening interview.

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